Our Services

What bd eye aerial can do for you?

bd eye aerial specialise in aerial video, photography and surveys. This involves a lot of planning to make sure it is primarily safe, cost effective and of a quality that the customer is left happy.

These 3 things are carried over to bd eye aerial’s work ethic. No matter what the job it has to be safe, cost effective to us and the customer.

We know have night time permissions from the CAA, so we can capture even more special moments for you!

With our different aircraft we can last in the air from 10 to 25 minutes (weather conditions apply), and before batteries are changed. This means we can do a lot. 

With all the services (below) we provide, please get in contact for prices, as each task, operation or activity is unique. A lot of planning and assessment tools would be used to determine an operating sites suitability. A following survey would be taken to include

  • Other Aircraft Operations

  • Industrial Site Hazards (HIRTA’S, Mast’s)

  • Restrictions around Airspace around Prisons, Nuclear Energy Power Plants, etc

  • Schools, Colleges, Places of Worship etc

  • Land that Permission would be needed from Landowners

  • Future Weather Conditions forecast

Property and Estate Agent Photography and Video

What could be better to show your or your clients property off, highlighting the beautiful area in which it is situated. Or if you would like boundaries of the property shown these  could be added in editing to show a clearer picture of your advertisement. To help sell a property why just limit yourself to the normal room shots, bd eye aerial can help show it off. We can also if need be take 360 shots of each room, and a professional walk through video.


Weddings and Special Occasions

Do you think you would prefer a video of your wedding, get in touch and we can discuss this. Up to 2 cameras with professional audio recording equipment to capture every moment of your special day. At bd eye aerial we want to make your day unforgettable. With a drone you could add more creativity to your special day, have both parties filmed arriving and entering the Church or your chosen venue and then leaving the building as newlyweds. Why not have aerial photographs of all the family and guests in front of the venue, this could also be a video and have it pull away to highlight the area and your occasion. This could be carried on to your arrival at your reception. Our pilots would liaise with yourself to see what would best suit you. Some buildings, areas could be no fly zones, or permissions needed to be asked for. This will all be done in the planning stage which would be completed at the earliest opportunity to take the stress out of your day. 


Advertising your Business

Businesses are always on the lookout to stay ahead of the competition. You could have the best Hotel, Golf Course, B and B, Camping and Caravan Site, etc. So why not show it off from a unique perspective, the air. Customers could see the pride you take in your business. We could take videos for your website, youtube, television etc. Unedited or edited. Or photographs for brochures, flyers, marketing stands, lobby or reception photo’s etc. 

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