bd eye aerial is Paul Davies. Paul, with over 5 years experience, has been flying model aircraft and RPA’s, UAV’s, SUA’s, SUSA’s, UAS’s, or to me and you, drones or quadcopters. Paul has completed a course provided by Resource Group, leaders in UAV training. With a completed Ops Manual signed off by the CAA, we now have a PfCO, Permission for Commercial Operations, we are able to operate legally in built up areas and now have permission for night time flying.

That means bd eye aerial are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and our insurance is only valid when we comply with their regulations and guidance. 

Which include:
We cannot fly directly over people, buildings that are not under control of the PIC (Pilot in Charge/Command).
We need the landowners permission for take off and landing.
There are flight restrictions around airports.
We can fly up to 400 feet above the Ground level (Weather Permitting) and no more than 500 metres from the operator, or VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight), whichever is less.
Each job requires a site assessment and risk assessment, usually half a day planning minimum.

Regulations on the CAA website can be read here

Weather will be checked regularly leading up to flight day, and could still be cancelled 5 minutes before shooting. Safety is of the utmost importance to us – no one wants a 3 kg object landing on their head. bd eye aerial will not operate in darkness, high winds, or rain. Also, strong electrical interference can interfere with the handling of the aircraft.

bd eye aerial has taken its name from Paul’s Uncle, Barry Davies who passed away in 2016 aged 71. Barry spent 18 years in the British Special Air Service serving around the world. In 1977 he stormed the hijacked Lufthansa plane in Mogadishu with the German special forces GSG9, using stun grenades for the first time. For this he was awarded the British Empire Medal. After leaving the forces, he authored numerous books and became fascinated by drones, understanding their use in the military and civilian fields. Barry built drones for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), AAI (Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Firm), as well as 6 experimental prototypes for MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).